Challenging the age of austerity: Disruptive agency after the global economic crisis

In: Comparative European Politics, DOI: 10.1057/s41295-016-0072-8

In our new article, David Bailey, Mònica Clua Losada, Kelly Rogers, Olatz Ribera Almandoz & I analyse the different forms of disruptive subjectivity that have developed in the context of the post-2008 global and European crises. We argue that a merging of more conventional forms of dissent with a number of more radical prefigurative practices that had been developing prior to 2008 can be observed. As a result, the stagnation of neoliberal capitalism from 2008 onwards has witnessed the development of a new form of pragmatically prefigurative disruptive subjectivity, responsible for some of the more important and interesting political developments in contemporary advanced industrial democracies.

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